Construction Sciences uses the latest technologies to investigate concrete structures, and is capable of accurately locating rebar, post tension cables, conduits and any other embedded targets in concrete structures. 

By undertaking such investigations, our technicians are able to provide information to assess the condition and integrity of concrete structures and ensure that no damage is caused to any important structural reinforcement during construction works.

Construction Sciences delivers a broad range of management services to utility providers, and public and private sector agencies.

We assist infrastructure owners and operators to manage assets over the whole life-cycle, to minimise costs while maintaining service levels and balancing risk.

Our services are based on a sound platform of stakeholder-focused, sustainable life cycle principles and include:

  • Strategic asset management;
  • Operational asset management;
  • Asset registers, data capture and condition assessment;
  • Economic regulation and efficiency studies;
  • Infrastructure valuation;
  • Business improvement and strategic management; and
  • Business plans and financial and economic analysis.