Construction Sciences are extremely proud of our local Townsville team!

Last week after the devastating floods in Townsville, our local team banded together and decided to go out and help people that required a hand to clean up.

In 13 days Townsville received 1300mm of rain (52 inches).

“I could not be any prouder to be the Area Manager in FNQ. Seeing my staff put their heads down and work very hard to help people that needed the hand. We helped 12 separate homes in 3 days, it was very hard work lifting water soaked carpets, squeegeeing mud and water from homes and the damaged furniture to the kerb. The smell from the mud and fridges that had lost power was far from pleasant but there were no complaints from anyone. The work from our staff showed how good our culture is here in FNQ and how proud they are to be locals.”

Peter Gode, Area Manager in FNQ Construction Sciences.