Construction Sciences reputation and Australia’s infrastructure are built on the foundations of our management systems.

Health and Safety remains an important part of who we are at Construction Sciences and we have long worked to achieve a high standard of safety and ZeroHarm.

Our Quality ensures “conformance to requirements”. Our adherence to delivering Quality is vital for our Clients who rely on Construction Sciences to demonstrate they are delivering on their commitments, relevant laws, regulations, codes and standards.


We will make HSE part of every job, every day. We will deliver quality.  We are all responsible.

To further reinforce this, we have introduced Construction Sciences Safety & Quality Absolutes which formalises and
documents the minimum expected behaviour in these particular areas.

This will ensure that as new members join our team we are able to quickly communicate our commitment to safety and quality to establish our expectations. This also allows us to demonstrate our commitment to safety and quality to other stakeholders such as our clients and regulatory authorities.