Congratulations to the ‘Dirt Doctors’.

Congratulations to the ‘Dirt Doctors’, the Townsville Construction Sciences mixed netball side, for winning the Division 5 Grand Final!

The team was put together after an intense training camp in the offseason. Ron Ron led from the front the whole season, with cat like agility and skills not seen in these parts, in years. The season had a rough start, losing some close games. Going into the bye week, there were thoughts that the season was done, wondering how they could turn the season around.

After an inspirational speech by Sapina at the toolbox meeting, a pact was made to win at all costs. Ron Ron materialised a marquee signing, PNG mixed netball hero, Darren. The team strung a few wins together and gained momentum to make the finals. The team won 27/7 in one of the greatest grand finals ever played at the Wildcatz Indoor Stadium in front of a boisterous crowd of at least 6 people, with Darren taking out the MVP.