Construction Sciences’ Utility Engineering and Transport teams have an integral role in the design of the new section of the Sydney Light Rail network. 

Construction Sciences is providing specialist utility engineering services relating to the modification of existing utilities, the provision of new utility connections and utility stakeholder management to Acciona Infrastructure Australia for the landmark Sydney Light Rail transportation infrastructure project.

Construction Sciences is delivering comprehensive utility investigations and mapping data to Quality Level A and B as defined by the Australian Standard Classification of Subsurface Utility Information (SUI) AS5488-2013. Quality Level B utility data involves the application of non-intrusive surface geophysical methods to determine the existence and horizontal position of subsurface utilities. Construction Sciences applied electromagnetic detection investigation methods to verify utilities along the 12 kilometre route and also performed Non-Destructive Digging to expose and positively identify subsurface utilities and record utility features at critical design locations for the capturing of Quality Level A data, the highest level of accuracy.