Construction Sciences’ Utility Engineering group was engaged by the Melbourne Metro Rail Authority to undertake a targeted investigation of known utilities within the proposed underground stations and portal locations within the new Metro Tunnel. 

Construction Sciences’ delivered comprehensive mapping services and utility investigations to Quality Level A and B as defined by the Australian Standard Classification of Subsurface Utility Information (SUI) AS5488-2013. Construction Sciences was responsible for the management of public and utility owner notifications and permits, electronic detection of all utilities within the designated area, targeted trenching and borehole clearance by Non Destructing Digging and coring techniques up to 2 metres deep to obtain Quality Level A information, and reporting on manholes and pits. CCTV was also undertaken to investigate the existing stormwater and sewer infrastructure.

The assets were surveyed and presented in a drawing to provide the client with critical utility information to enable the identification of potential conflicts in the proposed design. Construction Sciences also coordiated Traffic Management Plans and traffic control services.