Construction Sciences is a 600 strong team, located in over 47 laboratories across Australia with projects in the US, New Zealand and PNG.

We are always looking for talented Geotechnical Engineers, Environmental Engineers or Scientists, Soil and Concrete Technicians, Subsurface Utility Specialists, as well as many other roles.

There are great opportunities for traineeships in Soil and Concrete. Training is part of our everyday business. Over the last two years Construction Sciences completed the AQF training of over 100 technicians. External study though, is only part of our training system. Our technical staff are provided with the strongest of mentorship programs from some of the most experienced staff in the industry. This mentorship is underpinned by a rigorous schedule of competency assessments, reported via our Staff Management and Compliance (SMAC) system.

Whether you are a field-leading professional, a graduate, an experienced senior geotechnician, or a school leaver looking for a lifelong career where you can work in both the laboratory and the field, we want to hear from you. Right now, we need people in every state of Australia.

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