Safety is a Construction Sciences Core Value.  

Our core values shape the way we work as individuals and as an organisation. Construction Sciences’ goal is to always conduct our business in a way that protects our people and our clients from harm.

In an effort to move toward the ultimate objective of zero harm, we are committed to implementing safety systems and awareness throughout our operations globally.

Construction Sciences Safety system is accredited by SAI Global to AS/NZS 45001. 

Construction Sciences uses a global incident management system, Shield, to report all hazards, near misses and incidents. This systems allows employees to report hazards, near misses, injuries/ illnesses, vehicle incidents, security incidents, property damage incidents and environmental incidents through a mobile app or desktop based site. The mobile app allows employee to report incidents without wi-fi or mobile data and upload the information once connected to the internet.

The aim is that by having a global incident management system all staff are aware of how to report incidents no matter how minor with the objective to:

  • Create a safer work place for our staff
  • Encourage hazard resolution to create a safer environment
  • Demonstrate Construction Sciences’ continued commitment to safety

Construction Sciences have completed a significant milestone in safety. Our commitment to the initiative saw the identification and elimination of more than 3000 hazards.