Established since 1990 as Bowler Geotechnical.

Construction Sciences is a portfolio company of Cardno. We originated as Bowler Geotechnical, a franchised business established by David Bowler in 1990, that primarily focused on construction materials testing and geotechnical consulting, and later diversified into Environmental Consulting.

The benefit of having a history stemmed from a franchise model is that our senior management have come from small business, owner/operator, backgrounds. We have maintained relationships with clients for over 25 years. We understand their needs and we deliver.

The group was further strengthened by the acquisitions of Roadtest in 2011, Geotech Materials Testing Services in 2013 and Network Geotechnics in 2017. We are now a 800 strong team, located in 50 laboratories across Australia, New Zealand, the US and PNG.

Today, we are major project specialists. Our strength is providing prompt turnarounds of large volumes of tests, accurately. Many of our larger project clients have engaged us primarily to establish a site laboratory to perform CMT testing, and have added on service lines such as Geotechnical or Environmental Monitoring. Efficiencies can be found when a large workforce of technicians has been established and these savings benefit the client.